Package net.user1.union.api

Interface Summary
Account An Account represents a persistent user in the Union Server.
Client A client is a single user in the system who has connected to the server.
Cluster The cluster controls behaviour related to communication within the cluster.
Connection Represents a Connection to Union.
Datasource A Datasource saves/retrieves persistent information on the server.
Message A message is the unit of communication for clients, rooms and modules.
Module A module extends the functionality of the server or a specific room.
Request Request represents a client request made to the server such as create room, send message or set attribute.
Room A room is a place for clients to engage in group communication.
ScriptWrapper A ScriptWrapper acts as a proxy for scripts for event handling.
Security Used by applications to perform various security functions such as: - determine if an action is permissible.
Server The server is the container for all other objects in the server.
UPCProcessingRecord Contains information about the processing of a UPCMessage (the low level message structure used by the server).
UPCProcessor Used to access the events and methods of the underlying UPCMessages being processed.

Class Summary
Status This class contains a list of all Status codes used in the UPC specification.

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