[SOLVED] Account Session Problem

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Account Session Problem  

Postby matthewx » Mon 02 Apr 2012 10:29

Hi, all:

I am using Union to develop a multi-users IOS application. I am facing a problem of losing account login session.

in Reactor:
I have the AccountManager.login("username","password");

Then it works fine, but after minimize the application, or the screen auto-locked, the username session will be lost. In the Union Admin, it would only show the connection but no account name appears.

I will appreciate if any of you can provide some ideas or solutions. Thanks.

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Re: Account Session Problem

Postby colin » Wed 11 Apr 2012 17:39

hi matthew,
reactor has an auto reconnect feature you can use to reestablish the connection. see ConnectionMonitor's setAutoReconnectFrequency() method:

http://www.unionplatform.com/docs/react ... Frequency()

in your situation, you should listen for the ReactorEvent.READY event. the first time it occurs, display a login dialog. if login succeeds, store the user's name and password in memory (i.e., in a variable). the second time the ReactorEvent.READY event occurs, perform the login automatically using the stored user name and password.

good luck with your application. let us know when it launches!

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Re: Account Session Problem

Postby matthewx » Thu 12 Apr 2012 11:06

Thank you very much Colin !
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